Tuesday 26 July 2005

+30W 1D 突発性発疹? Three day fever?




突発性発疹(3 day fever/Roseola Infantum/Exanthema subitum):生後4ヶ月から1歳ぐらいの間に発症。1、2週間の潜伏期間のあと、3日ほど38度から39度の熱がでるが風邪などの症状はなく、熱が下がった後にかゆみの伴わない発疹がでる。ヒトヘルペスウィルス6そして、7とうい常駐菌によって引き起こされるが、免疫ができるため、1回ないしは2回(7にも感染した場合)しかかからない。大人から唾液を通じて移るのではと言われている。症状が表にでない場合もあるが、2、3歳までにほとんどの子供が抗体陽性になるので、それ以降はかからない。生まれて初めて高熱が出た場合の50%は突発性発疹だそうだ。

Arata's temperature went down by Sunday evening and we stayed at home whole day on Monday. This morning, I found his body was covered with rash. It's a bit different from heat rash as it also appears under his nappy. His back was quite patchy and I took him to see a GP. A doctor told me that it's caused by temperature and nothing to worry. The doctor said Arata needs some moisturiser to apply because his skin is dry, which makes the rash more patchy. She prescribed 'Doublebase', clinical moisturiser. I wondered if it's true....? We think Arata has caught 'Roseola Infantum' (aka 'three-day-fever' or 'Exanthema subitum').

He didn't eat or drink much today. Before going to bed this evening, he kept refusing to have breastmilk, although he took a bottle without much problem. He was screaming and it was really difficult to soothe him... When he woke up during night, we gave him a bottle of formula and switched to breastmilk after a while. He took some from my breast this time. We reckon because of his teeth, he needs a new technique to take breast but he is still struggling, I've seen him struggling before, and he was too hungry today to try patiently.


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