Sunday 28 August 2005

+34W 6D ピクニック Picnic


かわのが遊びに来たので、近くの Horsell Common にピクニックに行った。こんなに大量の松ぼっくりやどんぐを見たのは子供の時、近所の林の中で遊んだ時以来。弟とどんぐりや松ぼっくりを集めたっけ。今日はもう秋の気配だったけど、ワインを1本空けていい気分。アンティーかわのがアラタに夕食を食べさせてくれた。

We went to Horsell Common for a picnic with Kawano. I haven't seen so many pinecones and acorns since I was very small. (I would go to the small woods with my brother and pick up some pinecones.) They made me feel summer will be over soon but we anyway finished a bottle of wine and felt good. Auntie Kawano fed Arata with his dinner.

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