Friday 2 September 2005

+35W 4D 睡眠プログラムレビュー Sleep programme follow-up




The community nurse Mandy came to visit us for the sleep programme follow-up. Arata has started to wake up very early, at around 5 and 6, since 2 days ago. Yesterday, we let him cry for 45 minutes and fed him. We regarded it as Arata woke up in the morning. Well, but, Jason and I don't like early morning, and we hope Arata will wake up after 7, between 7.30 and 8.00 if possible.

Mandy suggested us letting Arata cry even at 6 o'clock or stretching the time of feeding him by 5 minutes every day to eventually reach our ideal time. She also pointed that if Arata can have his afternoon nap a bit earlier, before 3.30, he may sleep longer in the following morning. Arata usually has his morning nap at about 10.00 for a couple of hours, and has his half an hour afternoon nap at around 4.30. He falls asleep at 8.00 for night. Mandy's advice is based on the typical routine of British babies, who usually go to bed at about 6.00.

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