Wednesday 19 October 2005

+42W 2D デパートのプレイエリア Play area at department store



I'm shattered. Arata has woken up more than twice every night since we came to Japan. I have to take care of it without Jason and it's so hard. I often forget how much Jason helps me. I really appreciate Jason's involvement with Arata. My parents still go to work during day and they can't help me much. No wonder, I'm looking after Arata without Jason for 24 hours. Harder than I thought. I even don't feel like going out to see my friends. The only places I go out are play areas at department stores around Omiya station. I try to take Arata out once a day, often to shopping. In almost all department stores, there is a tiny play area, where I can put Arata, who no longer quietly stays still in a buggy, for a while to let him play.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chizu chan, sounds like you are very sleepy chan...I hope that you are enjoying the time with your parents despite the tiredness....when you come back to the UK we must meet up and I can see if Ara chan remembers me!! I doubt it though but I would love to see him again soon!! He looks like he has grown so much!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Edo chan!! How are you? Are you pregnant yet?? ;-) It's been quite hard in the first 2 weeks. Arata woke up during night for a couple of times.... it's getting better but now only 10 days to go.... Yes, let's meet up when we are back in London!