Monday 17 October 2005

+42W 0D おじいちゃん Grandad




Arata is so clingy to.... to... grandad. When my dad comes home, Arata crawls very fast to him with excitment. It's not like this when my mum comes home. She came to look after Arata just after his birth but apparently Arata can't remember that. My mum is barely at home, she is too busy at work and her hobbies, while my dad even pops in during work to see Arata. My dad is leading the 'race' and mum tries hard to take the first position back!

I often think Arata may be looking for an alternative father figure while Jason is not around. When my brother was here, Arata was staring at him for a long time. At a cafe, Arata can not take off his eyes from a young man having coffee working on a PC. This photo is Arata holding onto grandad's leg.

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