Friday 16 December 2005

+50W 5D オークランド In Auckland




Arrived in New Zealand. Well, it was not a plain sailing. Arata threw up at the security gate before getting on board at Changi Airport. He did it onto my shirt. Of course, I didn't have another shirt and I had to fly in the smelly clothes. He must have been suffering from jet lag, heat and motion sicknes as he had been carried by Jason in the airport for a while.

We stayed in Auckland for 3 nights. We met Tomoko, who used to work in SCS in London. We had dinner with her and her husband Dennis. She now works for SPCA, animal rescue center, and we also visited her work place to see dogs and cats. Arta loved to watch them.

There are so many oriental people in Auckland. I can only hear Korean or Mandarin. There are many oriental restaurants and we chose a Korean restaurant that only has Korean menu! And we were right. It was nice. Well, anyway, it's not hot here. Is it really in summer in New Zealand?

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