Friday 23 December 2005

+51W 5D ウエリントン In Wellington




We arrived in Wellington on Saturday. At the airport, Jason's mum (Arata's Nana) and Adrian, Jason's broter were meeting us. On the following morning, we went to a cafe for a brunch to meet Jason's friend Ed, his wife Clare and their daughter Olivia. I was quite surprised that Cafe food in NZ is quite nice!

On Monday, we joined Jason's mum's company Christmas party. It was a BBQ party on beach. There were a couple of other kids and to my surprise, some of them were just putting toys covered with sand in their mouths. Well, soon, Arata started to 'eat' sand. And nobody stopped him so it must be New Zealand style. Well the Santa in New Zealand was coming in a car on the beach!

Arata became good friends with Rupert. Jason's mum's dog. Whenever he saw Rupert, Arata pointed at him and saying 'Ah.' Arata was too naughty to him and he put his finger into his eyes or grabbed his mouth. On Tuesday, Arata must have done something to Rupert. When we realised, Arata was lying on the floor crying. Rupert bit Arata a bit probably trying to scare him. Jason's mum is expecting more than 10 gursts from today. We will have a big Christmas party tomorrow. Havve a good Christmas!

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Welcome to Southern Hemisphere!