Sunday 25 December 2005

+51W 6D 初クリスマス Arata's first Christmas



Arata was due on 20th of December last year but arrived a week late. So it's his first Christmas. At Nana's house, quite a few relatives ave come to stay since the Christmas eve and there are lots of presents under the tree. I, as a Japanese, have never seen so many Christmas presents! Arata has got lods of presents including ones from Japan or Singapore. I wonder if we can pack all into our suitcases??

Arata has a piece of Wheet-Bix and a bit of toast for breakfast. New Xealand Marmite is not as strong as the one in the E.K., and even I can eat it. (If I put some British Marmite, I can not swallow. I have to spit it!) And of course, Arata loves toast with NZ Marmite!

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