Sunday 5 March 2006

1Y2M おばあちゃん、緊急渡英 Japanese grandma will come to help us





Arata still often vomits. He has only managed to eat a bit of rice porridge and fruit so far. He hasn't had milk at all in the last 4 days. Often Arata throws up medicine.... I will probably have a day off tomorrow to look after him.

Jason doesn't feel well, either, and all of us are unwell. My mum has just decided to come over for a week to take care of us, from Friday. She is going to clean our flat and look after Arata on the days I don't go to work. I will be able to have proper rests! I wish she was here today!

We have started to teach Arata to eat on his own. Often he ends up using his hands but if we put some food onto a spoon, he can put it into his mouth. (He can also scoop a little bit by himself!) Because of this practice, it's so messy around his high chair after every meal. But if he masters using spoon soon, it will be so fantastic!


Anonymous said...

laksaさん、大丈夫? 本当に大変そうだわ。やっぱりお母さんが 病気になると、家の中が機能しなくなっちゃうよね。しかも仕事もしてるし。はやくお母さんが来てくれて、ゆっくりできるといいね。そしてはやく元気になっておくれ。ゆっくり眠れない分、栄養のあるものたくさん食べてね。>

Anonymous said...

 旦那様まで 調子悪くなって 大変だね。でもお母さんが
来てくれるなら 千人力だわ。 お母さんが滞在中に 家族みんなが復活できるといいね。>

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