Wednesday 12 April 2006

1Y3M 運転 Driving


イギリスで15年ぶりに一人で(アラタを乗せて)運転。St Peter's Hospitalまで行った。シンガポールへ引っ越して以来カナダでもここでも全く運転していなかったので、去年10月に日本で少し近所を運転してみたものの、イギリスでやる気は全く無かったのだけど、Wokingは車がないとあまりにも不便だから、数回同じルートをJasonが一緒の時に練習した。タクシーだと往復15ポンドはかかるから、少しは節約になるかな。



I drove to St Peter's Hospital "on my own"! It's been 15 years since I drove a car in England. Since I moved to Singapore, even in Canada and here for nearly 10 years, I've never driven a car. And this long gap has put me off from driving a car. I'd driven the same route when Jason was with me for a couple of times as a practice, and I made it!!! It costs at least 15 pounds return to the hospital by cab so I will be able to save a bit of money in the future?

We then went to Tanya's. Arata was surrounded by only girls, Liz and Annabella, for a change and he was quite clingy most of the time. Scared of girls? We went to Yuko's later. It was quite a busy day.

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