Wednesday 24 May 2006

1Y4M 負けず嫌い I don't want to lose.


ナーサリーでは、3週間前からひとつ上のクラス、Little Learnersに行っている。少し大きい子供たちと一緒なので刺激があって楽しい ようで、Jasonが迎えに行っても遊び続けているそうだ。確かに、いい影響を受けていて、あっというまに進化するアラタに驚くことも。このパズル、ばらばらにするだけなので、数週間前に一度しまったのだが、アラタに発見されて、また隠そうと思っていた。ところが、あれ、パズルをはめられるようになっている。初めはぎこちなかったけれど、すぐに普通に遊べるようになった。すごいなあ。私の脳が日々退化していくのに。(同じスピードで退化してるのかしら…。)


Arata has been in a bigger children's class 'Little Learners' since 3 weeks ago. He must enjoy more with a bit older children. Even when Jason arrives to pick him up, Arata sometimes doesn't want to leave. Apparently he has got good influences sine and we are often surprised how much he has learnt. For example, this puzzle. He could only take out the pieces, just till a month ago, so I put it away. Arata has recently found it from our secret hiding place and I was thinking about putting it away again. But Arata was playing with that, this time, properly! At first, he was a bit slow putting the pieces in, but now he can do it very well. It's so amazing to see how his brain has developed while mine is deteriorating (at the same speed??).

Arata has often taken home some of the 'works' he's done at nursery. It's usually only a piece of paper with a couple of coloured lines, which is supposed to be a filled-in-colour picture. Anyway I tried giving him a box of coloured pencils. Arata took out all of the 12 pencils and tried to hold them all together. It was quite difficult as all the pieces lay in all different directions. He then started to scream and cry from frustration! A few days ago, Arata was trying to hold his tricycle up. Wow, he could do it. But not all the time. Again, he started to cry when he could not do it. He doesn't like to lose at all.


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