Saturday 13 May 2006

1Y4M オーグリーブーグリー Oogly Boogly



今日はWoking Parkに来ていた



It's been a long week. I had to go to work every day. I've realised that going to work every day means I sometimes don't see Arata at all for the day. Personally, working 3 days a week is just right for me. It is a good balance between my own time and time with family.

We went to
Oogly Boogly
at Working Park. It's a performance in which 12 - 18 months children act as choreographers. Children are let move freely in a colourful tent with soothing music. Performers observe their moves and follow them while parents watch them. It's a 45 minutes show and there were 8 children and 4 performers. (4.5 pounds per family.)

Arata was at first a bit reserved and just watching on Jason's lap. Once he became comfortable, he didn't stop walking around in the 'stage'. And he soon started to realise something different. One or more performers always copied his movements and noises he made. Arata must have found it funny. At one stage, he couldn't stop giggling at every single move he made and the performer(s) copied! (They copied Arata's giggles as well!) It was quite an eye-opener to learn that children can enjoy themselves in a space without any toys. These photos were taken in the tent after the show and at the Woking Park play ground.

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