Thursday 15 June 2006

1Y5M 飛行機 Aeroplane

そろそろ1歳半になるアラタのボキャブラリー。動物は相変わらず全部「ワンワン」で乗り物は全て「でんしゃ!」Jasonによると車は区別して「カー」と言い出したようだが、何を見ても電車って言ってる姿しか私は目撃していない。ただ、飛行機は「いこうき!」と(H抜き)で呼んでいる。まあ、鳥が(少し遠くを)飛んでいるのを見ても「いこうき!」なのだが…。きょうもHorsell Commonで飛行機が上空を通過するたびに「いこうき!」と興奮していた。


Arata's recent vocabularies. He still calls most of the animals, 'Wan-wan' It's a Japanese children's word for a 'dog'. All cars and trains are 'Densha'. Japanese word for 'trains'. According to Jason, Arata can now differentiate a 'car' from trains but I've never heard Arata saying 'car' yet. Arata has recently learnt a Japanese word for 'aeroplane'. It's 'Hikouki' He pronounces it without the first 'H'. Arata even calls birds flying in a distance "(H)ikouki!"

His favourite Japanese words are 'Itai' (painful) and 'Atsui' (hot). It's interesting that he gets confused with some words. When we ask him 'Genki?' (how are you?} he points at 'Denki' (light}. When Jason read a book and said 'Mouse', Arata pointed his mouth!

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