Saturday 10 June 2006

1Y5M クマリ Kumari




Kumari flew back to Sri Lanka on Saturday. She was at work during my maternity leave and kept working until our company tried and decided, against our wills, not to get a work permit for her. It was yesterday that her working holiday visa expired. We went to Heathrow to see her off.

Kumari likes children. When I took Arata to work during maternity leave, Arata got used to her immediately. Kumari always says, "Because of Arata, I got this job!" It will be at least 3 months before she comes back to the U.K. to attend a university course. I really hope her application for the place at university will be approved. Kumari gave Arata a nice Winnie the Pooh at the airport. Arata immediately reacted by saying, 'Pooh!' Winnie the Pooh is the only character Arata can recognise at the moment. He seems to like the doll lots. Arata's tried to feed him or put shoes on him since! Thank you for the nice present, Kumari!
(Click here to see Kumari and Arata about a year ago.)

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