Thursday 1 June 2006

1Y5M キス Kiss



We visited Goga's. Monika now has a little sister, Nicole, who was born 2 weeks ago. She is so light! I will have another baby soon but I can't remember how tiny new born babies are now. Monika has grown into a quiet and gentle little girl. Arata is, on the contrary, very naughty... When I asked Arata to kiss Monika, he tip toed, as Monika is much bigger than Arata, and kissed her! Arata did a 'romantic' kiss to Thoma last week as well, he held up Thoma's chin a bit, because Thoma was sitting on the floor, and tilted the head a bit to kiss him. Whenever Arata kisses someone, we are amazed how well he knows what he is doing!

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