Thursday 17 August 2006

34W2D 産婦人科アポ Appointment with a doctor

計画帝王切開についての産婦人科医とのアポのためSt Peter's Hospitalへ。私自身、40週フルタームを待たずに帝王切開になることに抵抗があること、前回8Cまで子宮口が開いたという事実から医者はVBACを薦めることから、結局自然分娩を選ぶことにした。(もちろんいつ気が変わってもいいと言われた。)

出産計画は…。予定日の9月26日の一週間前に卵膜剥離(子宮口と子宮の間に指を入れて剥離することにより、陣痛を引き起こすホルモンが誘発され、24から48時間以内に出産が始まる効果が期待される)を行う。予定日まで出産しなかった場合に備えて、その1週間後の10月2日に計画帝王切開を一応予約。予定日から10月2日までは、St Peter'sに毎日通い、チェックアップ+卵膜剥離となった。



I went to the St Peter's hospital to discuss with a doctor if I go for elective caesarian or VBAC. I still don't like the idea that the c-section is done before the full term, and all the doctors so far said it wasn't me who caused the last c-section and it should be safe to chose VBAC, I've decided to go for VBAC (natural birth). I can always change my mind, the doctor added.

The birth plan is... A week before the due date, 26th Sept, a midwife is performing a 'membrane sweep'. (Membrane seep involves a doctor or midwife placing a finger just inside the cervix and making a circular, seeping movement to separate the membrane from the cervix. This method releases some sort of hormone which kicks the labour, which may starts within 24 to 48 hours.) In case I don't deliver the baby after the full term, I have booked an elective caesarian a week after the due, on 2nd Oct. Between the 26th Sept and 2nd Oct, I am going to St Peter's every day for check-up and membrane sweep.

When I was pregnant with Arata,

I had a membrane sweep done 2 days after the due date but no effects.

Probably this time, the baby will come out late again and I don't personally want to 'force' the baby to come out as long as we are both safe...

Blood pressure and baby's heart beat were fine. Because of today's appointment, I didn't have 34 week check-up with a midwife and blood sample was taken today for Gestational diabetes test. Unfortunately, urine sample contained Nitrates and I was prescribed 5 day course of antibiotics for suspected systitis....

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