Thursday 17 August 2006

1Y7M 女の子だと態度が違う? Different attitude towards girls??


午前中は産婦人科医とのアポのため、St Peter's Hospitalへ。


We went to the cafe in Debenhams to see Annabella and Elizabeth. Arata was very excited and kept running around the cafe. Annabella was following Arata happily. It was quite interesting to find that Arata's reactions to the girls are different from the ones to boys. Between boys, it usually takes sometime before they start to interact each other. But today, Arata was smiling and talking to them from the beginning. Is it because girls are generally more sociable and smiling to Arata, and he was just reacting nicely to them, or Arata knows they are girls and...? This morning, I went to the St. Peter's Hospital for a doctor appointment.

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