Thursday 21 September 2006

1Y8M 「アラタ おとーと」 'Arata Ototo (Arata's little brother)'



最近の単語の吸収力は凄まじく、ちょっと言った言葉をすぐ覚える。ナーサリーが週一回になったとたんに、日本語がメインになった。頭の切りかえってすごいなあと思う。今日も、「アラタの弟」と教えたらすぐに「アラタ おとーと」と繰り返していたからもう覚えたのだろうな。意味はわからなくても。


Horsell Village Hallでやっている社交&ラテンダンスクラス


Lots of my friends have uploaded their children's portraits taken by a professional photographer. So I've decided to do the same with one of those which was taken about a half a year ago, just before Arata had his first hair cut.

Arata has reached the stage he can pick up words very fast. Since the number of the days going to the nursery reduced, his main language has become Japanese. I'm impressed how quickly children can switch their brain. I taught him in Japanese 'Arata's little brother (Arata no otouto)' this morning. He repeated it for a couple of time. I'm sure he remembers it now, even though he doesn't know the meaning.

I took my mum, who's already been here more than 2 weeks and has felt bored, to

a Ballroom and Latin dance class at Horsell Village Hall.

She was a bit worried at the beginning because she doesn't speak English but once the lesson started, she was dancing beautifully with one of the instructors, Michael. I've never seen her dancing although she started to learn it about 4 years ago. I was quite impressed how good she can dance! (There are 2 classes on Wed night, Ballroom and Latin. For both classes they charge 9 pounds, or 4.5 pounds per class.)

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