Monday 18 September 2006

39W0D あと1週間 One more week to go


今日はアラタはナーサリーだったので母をロンドンに連れて行く。Canary Wharf にあるテムズ川が眺められるロイヤルチャイナで飲茶。目の前の船着場から水上バスでBank Sideへ。シティ近辺をほんの少しうついた後、St Johns Woodへマイクに会いに行った。私は、Wappingに引っ越す前、High Streetのこのフラットに4年以上住んで(間借り)いた。今もテナントが2人いる。私が住んでいた部屋をちょっと覗かしてもらうと、まあ、懐かしい!当時の4年間は人生停滞。よくマイクにも慰めてもらったっけ。そして、St Johns Woodを離れてからまだ3年弱なのに人生急展開。…と、しみじみ…。


Another week to go. I went to the 38 week check-up yesterday. Everything was ok. The baby isn't fully engaged yet (2/5 only).

Arata was at nursery today and I took mum to London. We went to the Royal China in Canary Wharf for Dim Sum. The restaurant is overlooking the river Thames. We took a river boat from in front of the restaurant to Bank Side. We walked around the city a bit and then went to St Johns Wood to see Mike, my ex-landlord. I lived at Mike's flat in High Street for more than 4 years before moving to Wapping. It was really nice to have a look at the room I used to live and have a chat with Mike.

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