Sunday 3 September 2006

36W6D 助産婦検診と足の痛み Midwife check-up and pains in my legs



I had some pain in my legs in the last few days. It's cramp like pain in my right calf and muscle ache in my thighs. It's a sign of baby getting heavier. Thinking about it wasn't so bad in my last pregnancy, I must be so unfit or the baby is heavier??

36 week check-up with midwife. I told her that I don't want to go for the membrane sweep a week before the due date. She said I can change my mind any time on whatever in my birth plan. That's good. We usually have another midwife check-up at 38 weeks but it's fully booked and I have to see a GP instead in 2 weeks time. And the last check-up will be with a proper doctor on the due date if the baby hasn't born yet by then.

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