Sunday 5 November 2006

1Y10M 5W0D アラタ発熱 Arata's high temperature



On Saturday, my parents, Arata and Jason went to Windsor. I was a bit reluctant to send Arata because he didn't seem to be well in the morning. And my feeling was correct. He developed a temperature of nearly 39C at 2AM. We had to keep giving him Calpol and Nurofen till Monday morning... The doctor said it's an ear infection. Again? Without a long persistent cold? I was a bit suspicious because Arata had a PCV injection on Thursday and it may be a side effect. But Arata's temperature started more than 48 hours later and the doctor didn't agree with me.

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Anonymous said...

おぉ~、なつかしのウィンザー。一応、私たちは「Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead」の住民だったから、よくウィンザーに行ったよ。住民は、ただでお城にも入れたんだ。好きだな、ウィンザーの町。Long Walkも懐かしい~。>