Tuesday 7 November 2006

1Y10M 5W3D タカラ風邪を引く Takara has caught a cold



Arata has recovered from his temperature but Takara has a cold now. I've had a cold for a while, which hasn't got better at all. When I am feeding I often sneeze directly on Takara so it wasn't avoidable... Sorry, Takara. It's said in the first 6 months, babies don't get disease because they have antibodies from their mother, especially those who are breastfed. But as most of my friends who have more than 2 children have told me, younger children get their first illness earlier than the older ones, because they contract whatever from their older siblings. And it's happened to us. Well, in this case, it's from me, though. The good thing is the new born doesn't usually have a 'bad' cold or chickenpox, they are usually mild. Takara has a blocked nose. which is eased by saline nose drops, Nasosal.

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