Saturday 25 November 2006

1Y10M 7W6D 冷たいおやつでも… Even cold sweet caused hives...


GPにプライベートの病院にリファーしてほしいというリクエストを却下されてしまった。抗ヒスタミン剤を1ヶ月飲ませて様子見だそうだ。命に別状ないのなら、こんなに小さいうちから薬を定期的に飲ませたくないし、早く検査をしてほしい。まずは専門医の意見を聞きたいのに。Jasonが行ったのだが、私が苦手な Dr Watts だったから運が悪かった。それにしても納得いかない。

昨日は、冷たいフルーツゼリーを食べると手足にじんましんが出た。私は、来週別のGPにプライベートへリファーしてくれともう一度掛け合うつもり。Jasonの考えでとりあえず今日から薬(「Neoclarityn 0.5mg」を一日2.5ml)を飲ませ始めた。今日はヨーグルトを食べても大丈夫そうだった。抗ヒスタミンってこんなに早く効くの?アレルギーに無縁な私は、いまいち何がどうなのかよくわからない。


GP didn't refer Arata to a private hospital for the further tests. He has to take anti-histamine for a month, instead. Personally, I don't want him to take medicine regularly from so young and I need specialist's opinions and advice first. I'm not sure why the doctor refused to do that.

Arata had hives again just after eating some chilly fruit jelly. I am going to see some other doctor and ask for referral again next week. I didn't want to start yet but Jason decided to start to give Arata the medicine, Neoclarityn 0.5mg (2.5ml per day). Arata had some yogurt this evening and he seemed to be ok. Does anti-histamine work so quickly? I've never had any allergies and I don't even have rough idea how they are treated.

Friday night, Arata had a slight temperature. He cried and it was difficult to put him sleep. He complained one of his ears was sore. Arata had another ear infection. His right ear was filled with pas on Saturday morning. He was given antibiotics about 2 weeks ago but it mustn't have worked. It was one of the normal penicillin. Probably Jason is right. It may be caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, on which penicillin don't work. We were going to take him to A&E but I didn't feel well yesterday. I was in bed whole day and I even had a terrible headache this morning. Jason is staying away for 3 days next week and this idea has already made me nervous and given me lots of pressure.

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Anonymous said...

あらたん、冷たいおやつでも じんましんがでるなんて かわいそう!! やっぱり スペシャリストはやくみてもらったほうがいいよ。
ジェイソンにもかけあってもらって 1日もはやく スペシャリストにみてもらえるといいね。
子供の具合が悪い上に 自分の具合が悪いのに ジェイソン出張か。。。大変だね、laksaさんも。でもきっとジェイソンも 気が気がじゃないんだと 思うよ。