Sunday 24 December 2006

1Y11M 12W0D クリスマス Merry Christmas!






We celebrated this year's Christmas at home. Only 4 of us. In the morning, we opened presents. For Christmas lunch, Jason prepared roast ham. And I baked a sponge cake to make a Japanese style Christmas cake. (The candle stand next to the cake is made by Arata at nursery!)

Aratra was very excited. He got loads of presents from not only his mum and dad but families from Japan and New Zealand, and friends. Takara is now very proud of owing lots of brand-new toys, and not his brother's old toys! Of course, Jason and I enjoyed opening presents for us!!

It's nice to spend Christmas with only our children but I think it will be much better if we have more relatives and friends together. We will definitely go to join our family in New Zealand or Japan in the Christmas next year.

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