Tuesday 5 December 2006

1Y11M 9W2D アラタ心と冬の空 Arata changes his mind so quickly?






On Monday, we went to see Akiko. She has 3 year old daughter Karen. Karen has grown to a nice gentle girl . She quietly held Thoma or Arata's hand and suggested to play together. (Arata said, "Yada (=No1)" to her offer, though! ) Akiko also has a son who was born 2 days after Takara.

4 children sat together at a children table and had scones. It was very cute to see them like that. Arata behaved very well and sat quietly till he finished his scone. He must be used to this situation at nursery or because the scones, Yuko made, were so tasty?

Since this visit, Arata has kept saying, "Karen chan". When he says this, he wants to see the photos we took. He was before saying, "Mana chan", another Japanese girl on this photo, often for a while.... Has he already changed his mind?

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