Friday 29 December 2006

2Y0M 12W5D あの頃の私は In those days





We went to Moto's family for lunch. Moto's second daughter Monika is 16 years old. She held Takara and played with Arata. Arata took to her soon and played happily with her.

When I was at the 3rd year of high school, students had a choice among Arts, PE and child caring, if we didn't take any extra math classes. I chose child caring without hesitation. Our school, I went to a state girls' high school, had an attached kindergarten in the same compound. It was very unique for a Japanese state school to just have an attached kindergarten. If I'm not mistaken, the kindergarten is for child caring classes for the students.

When I got into my mid 20s, I started to loose the feelings how to enjoy playing with small kids and I started to feel uncomfortable to be with them. But in those days, I was just 17 years old, I really enjoyed playing with children and I always looked forward to the child caring classes. I even thought about being a nursery or primary school teacher. I hope Monika also enjoyed playing with AraTakara like I used to feel.

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