Wednesday 24 January 2007

2Y0M 16W3D なゆみちゃん Nayumi




Nayumi has gone back to Japan. She stayed with us for 3 weeks. As usual, I didn't entertain our visitors well enough but she looked after AraTakara while I popped out for a quick shopping and she often cooked meals for us.

Arata learnt a couple of new Japanese words, most of which are onomatopoeia or mimetic words such as 'beta beta' (='sticky') or 'pari pari'(='crunchy'). Takara also got used to her and as she played with him rolling him from back to front, she called it 'goro goro'(='rolling'), Takara can now roll his body onto his side. I hope he will not be able to roll over till we come back from Japan. It will be much harder for me if he starts to do it especially on plane... (Arata didn't roll over till much later.)

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