Saturday 27 January 2007

2Y1M 16W6D アラタのA! A for Arata



と言うわけで、「これはアラタの『A』だよ」と目に付く時に言っていたら、アラタは自分でも探せるようになって、街を歩いていても、家の中でも「アラタ A!」と嬉しそうに発見する。この間は私の背中に向かって「アラタ A」と言っているから何かと思ったら、私、ヤンキースの松井のTシャツを着ていた。それで「A」を見つけたのだ。「ああ、『A』があったのね」と言うと、今度は「ママ!」って叫ぶ。「M」もあったか。


'A' (for Arata) is the first character in both Japanese and English Alphabet and we see 'A' more often than other characters in everyday life. They are sometimes as a pattern of the design of children clothes or in a sort shaping puzzle etc.

We tell Arata when we find an 'A' in somewhere that it's 'A' for Arata. And now he can recognise it. Whenever he finds one, he proudly announces, "Arata A!" A couple of days ago, Arata was saying, "Arata A" to my back. I'd forgotten that I was in a T-shirt of MATSUI's, a Japanese baseball player who plays for New York Yankees, uniform. Arata found 'A' in it. When I said, "Oh, you've found 'A'" he went, "Mama!" He found 'M' (for Mama) as well!

Arata can recognise 'A' for Arata, 'D' for Daddy, 'M' for Mama and 'C' for car. Well, we have only taught a few. Of course, they are all Arata's favourites!

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