Sunday 11 March 2007

2Y2M 23W0D 電車好き Train lover





I've heard boys are obsessed with cars and trains. Arata is no exception. He loves watching trains and cars. He can't go to bed without holding trains or cars in his both hands. I bought a DVD of Shinkansen - Japanese super express trains. We have played it for a couple of time but often Arata turned it off in the middle and he's never seemed to concentrate on it. But he can remember a lot!

When Yuko, Kenta & Tetsu's mum, gave Arata a book of trains, Arata was browsing through it and suddenly said, "Kyushu shinkansen! (the name of one of Shinkansens)" I couldn't understand what Arata was saying and when I found "Kyushu Shinkansen...." in a small print under the photo, I thought "Can he read it??"

At a toy shop, Arata held one of the toy trains and announced, "Rail star! (the name of another type of Shinkansen)" My dad read the package and he was so surprised. He was so happy that Arata was so bright and bought the train for him! Well, all boys are like Arata and all granddads are like my dad?

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