Wednesday 11 April 2007

2Y3M 28W3D ジグゾーパズル Jigsaw


アラタがジグゾーパズルにはまっている。他のおもちゃには目もくれず、朝から晩まで。JasonやJasonママが一緒にジグゾーしてあげるってことがなければ、興味を持たなかっただろう。私だけだったら、とてもアラタのジグゾーに付き合って上げようなんて発想はない。まあ、だから、アラタの持っているジグゾーはどれも誰かからのプレゼント。やまやにもらった本型のジグゾーはもう一人で全部できるよ。「これ どこ」「あ、ここ」「これは あとで」なーんて独りごと言いながら。

ナーサリーのセトルインセッション。泣いたのは初日だけでもう大丈夫そう。昨日は行く前から、「アラタ なかない」と言って、ナーサリーに着くと、ママに「バイバーイ。」行くまでの間はうつむきがちで、緊張していたから、アラタなりに頑張っているんだな。

Arata is really hooked on jigsaw. To start with, Jason and Jason mum played with Arata doing jigsaw. I think it helped him to take interest in it and it was lucky for him as I wouldn't have played jigsaw with him. I am not that long tempered! Anyway, he has learnt to do it very quickly and he can now complete a book type jigsaw, 3 pages in total, without any help. He plays talking to himself, "Where is it.... here it is... oh, leave it later..."

Nursery's settle-in sessions. It was only the first day, Arata was so unhappy. Yesterday, before we left home, Arata said, "Arata is not going to cry." When we arrived at nursery he waved to me. Well, on our way, Arata was very quiet and looked a bit nervous, and I reckon he was trying his best to cope with it...

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