Tuesday 17 April 2007

2Y3M 29W2D おててつないで Holding hands



まなちゃんが手を離そうとすると、アラタは、「おてて はなしちゃ だめ。」日本でお散歩に行く時、おじいちゃんに言われていたセリフだ。


Arata has started to walk more. If he has a friend, he likes to walk with her/him holding hands. A couple of days ago, he walked holding Mana's hands for such a long distance. It's a little bit more than 10 minutes walk for adults but it took more than half an hour. They kept stopping to observe whatever they found by the road. When Mana tried to leave Arata, he said, "Don't let it go!" This is exactly what he was told when he went for a walk with his granddad when we were in Japan!

Today, Arata went to hold Lili's hand at the shopping mall. She didn't mind and they were holding hands for a while and Arata looked happy.

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