Wednesday 25 April 2007

2Y3M 30W3D 背筋と握力 Strong back muscle and strong grips


タカラは生まれた時から背中を思いっきり突っ張る事が多かった。背筋が強い赤ちゃん。この1ヶ月の間で、お座りが安定 ⇒ 座ったまま顔を床につけては元に戻る運動 ⇒ 座ったまま前の方にあるおもちゃを取ろうとしてひっくり返る ⇒ 座った状態からうつぶせになれるようになった。そして握力は強力だ。抱っこすると、髪を引っ張って離さない。毎日何本も抜かれている。アラタの時はそんなことはなかったが、歩行器に乗ったまま、おもちゃ箱のおもちゃを取ろうとすると、歩行器が浮いてしまうから全身の力も強い。


Takara has had a strong back muscle since he was born. Even when he was just a new born, he often stretched his back strongly. In the last month, he's developed his muscle gradually as below.

1. He's been able to sit comfortably

2. He's been able to put put his face on the floor from sitting position and pull himself up again

3. He's often fallen trying to reach the toy in front of him

4. He's been able to lie down on his tummy from sitting position

He also has very strong grips. Whenever I hold him, he grabs my hair and never releases it. As a result, he pulls out couple of my hairs every day! In general his body muscle is strong and we might have to put his walker away soon as he is no longer safe in it. He leans over it and may fall.

Jackie, Jason's mum's friend, came to see us. Jackie's 2 children also live in the U.K. and she and Jason's mum are taking holiday at the same time. They has been to Scotland together for a week. Arata met her when we were in NZ and when Jackie and Jason's mum were here in Spring 2005 as well. Of course, he was too small to remember her but probably next time, he will be able to remember her?

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