Monday 7 May 2007

2Y4M 32W1D タカラの音 Takara's noises



タカラは口が小さくて、「基本通り」におっぱいを深くまでくわえることができないから、先っぽだけを吸っている。だからどうも真剣に飲んでいるようには見えないのだけれども、吸引力がものすごくて、アラタが赤ちゃんだった時よりも、短時間で上手に飲んでいる。機嫌がいい時は、「ふんが ふんが ふんが」って音をだしながら。

Arata often copies Takara's noises and it has been just"Aaaauuuuu Aaaauuuuu" for a long time. Now Takara can make more complicated noises. When he makes "Uguuuuuuuuu" with very low voice, we all laugh and he knows it's funny!

When Takara is in good mood, he makes, "Funga Funga Funga..." when I am breastfeeding. Takara's mouth is quite small and he can't latch deep. He is just sucking the tip of my breast, which looks as if he is not seriously feeding. But his sucking is very strong. With shorter time than Arata used to do, Takara have as much milk as he wants!

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