Thursday 3 May 2007

3Y4M 31W4D 初・・・ Takara's first...









Takara's milestones. I don't pay enough attentions and I often don't know how long he's been able to do them.

Takara started to clap his hands about 2 weeks ago, although only one of his hands is not properly open.

(Arata was able to clap his hands at about the same time.)

I haven't seen Takara rolling over in my eyes but he can probably do it. I often see him rolling half over and he's started to sleep on his side.

He fell off our bed for the first time today. Does this mean he can roll over now??

(Arata fell for the first time like this...)

In both occasions, it was Jason who was with them. And he made the same comment today."When I was not looking at him for a couple of seconds, he fell." Can't men see 2 things happening at the same time?? We, women, can do it!

Takara can stand up with support like this. Well, he is often left alone without any attentions, and he practices a lot on his own...

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