Wednesday 6 June 2007

2Y5M 36W3D ごはんにバター Add butter to dishes






Went to the Child clinic to have Aratakara weighed. Takara was 8.22Kg. From his birth weight, it is expected to be at about 9Kg now. Apparently his growth has slowed down. But he has started to be more mobile and be fussy about food at the same time. and it's quite understanding result. Takara often refuses food if it's not his favourite. Sometimes I have to mix 'savour' food with yogurt or fruit puree to encourage him to eat.

Arata was 10.84Kg. He has started to eat well, although he takes long time to finish meals. For me it looked good to gain 300g in the last 3 months. But when I was getting ready to go home, a health visitor approached me saying, "Arata hasn't gained much weight and he has to see a doctor."

From his birth weight, Arata would be at around 12Kg by now, according to the British child growth map. And his current weight is nearly on the bottom line of the weight range of his age. We have, of course, been a bit concern about it. But Arata is really active and he doesn't have a nap during day and probably he uses up all the energy he produced. I'm not sure if it is really good to "add extra butter or cheese on his meal" or "give him some supplements" as the health visitor suggested. (I have already started to put extra butter on his meal anyway.)

We may have more constructive, for me at least, solutions like giving 4 meals a day etc. I should take him to see a doctor.

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