Thursday 7 June 2007

2Y5M 36W4D 息抜き To have a break...





『Dirty Dancing (ダーティーダンシング)』。シャンペーンとピムス飲んで、舞台の前で踊って、10代の少女のように2人で黄色い声を上げてきたわ。


I desperately needed a break. I was so tired yesterday and I picked on Jason. I didn't enjoy my favourite Step and I got more tired after the class, than refreshed.

I went out with Josie this evening. With no kids, no husbands. We went to the Wisley Garden to a picnic concert. It was "Dirty Dancing" night "again"!

(I went to "DD" picnic concert last year as well.)

We had a glass of champagne and a large pint of Pimms. Then danced and sang along in front of the stage. We couldn't stop screaming as if we were still teenagers!

It wasn't as wild as the one in Hampstead Heath because there were 'more men' yesterday. ("DD" is for women!!) Josie said, "Well, you know, we are in Surrey." Of course... Anyway, it isn't so bad to live in Woking. We can do lots of things locally!

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