Friday 27 July 2007

2Y7M 43W5D ワンガヌイ! Wanganui!







We went to "Free Time" at Somerset House. It's a children's event of art, dance, music, craft making etc, for free of charge. The idea to have such an event in such a venue is very British, I think.

At the fountains children were playing in swimsuits. (Arata was in his nappy.) WAI concert was also on. They are New Zealand band of traditional Maori music. Jason has their CD and he enjoyed the concert most, I think. With one song, children who made their own pois at workshop earlier, went on the stage to dance together.

Shy Arata didn't want to go up on the stage nor move forwards to sit in front of the stage with other children. But when he heard "Tahi, Rua, Toru..." in one of the songs, he looked amused. Of course, he can count up to 10 in Maori now!

The lead singer asked us if anybody is from New Zealand. I yeiled, "Yeeeees!", pointing at Jason. She then asked him where he is from. Jason shouted, "Wanganui!" I then realised his and our 'home' in New Zealand will be always "Wanganui", where Jason grew up, although his mum doesn't live there any more.

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