Sunday 19 August 2007

2Y7M 47W0D 甘えん坊オーリー Cuddly Oli



St Peter's Hospitalの小児科へ。アラタの体重が増えないということでGPにリファーされた。確かに去年の11月から半年ほど、体重が横ばいだったので心配していたが、最近は少し増えてきた。健康そうなので、特に検査はしないが、栄養士とアポイントメントを取るようにとのこと。小児科医と会うまで2ヶ月も待たされたから、状況が変わり無意味な診察だったのか、今診てもらう事で無駄な検査を避けらたからよかったのか。どっちなんだろう。今日は11.4Kgで身長は90Cm。


Takara liked to cuddle himself up to me. He is often like a cat. He comes to put his head against my breasts and enjoys the feeling of rubbing it. Or sometimes, he lies down on the floor on his tummy and waits for us tickling him.

We took Arata to St Peter's Hospital to see a pediatrician. His weight didn't gain for a half a year from November last year but he's started to catch up recently. His GP referred him to the Hospital 2 months ago. We were a bit worried about his condition at the time for sure. But while waiting for this appointment for 2 months, the situation changed. I'm not sure it was a good thing. I think it's no point to see a specialist so late. But on other hand, he could avoid unnecessary but painful medical tests. Arata weighed 11.4Kg, his height is 90cm. The doctor said he looked healthy and not worried but advised us to see a dietitian.

In the first photo, Arata has just built houses with blocks. In the second one, can you see Takara's 3rd tooth, top left, coming out?

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