Monday 29 October 2007

2Y10M 1Y0M パーティーのはしご Went to 2 parties!







We went to 2 parties on Saturday. Well, all Aratakara's ones. We went to Lilia's 4th birthday party first, then, went to Annabellie's Halloween party. Arata found the pumpkin costume that he hated so much last year. He put it on and seemed to be so happy this time. He insisted to wear it to Lilia's party.


Last year, he was in the pumpkin only for a minute.

He started to scream and took it off.

Apparently he didn't like it. Since then, whenever he sees the photo of him in the pumpkin, he always says, "I don't like pumpkins!" He's grown out of it and he now understands the exciting aspect of dressing up! (He can still wear the same size costume, by the way...)

Luckily, Arata's chickenpox was very mild. He didn't have any temperature and he had only about 20 spots in total. He was full of energy for a week but as he couldn't go out, he was a bit frustrated. Luke, who has already had chickenpox, came to visit us, which was very good for us. We bought calamine cream, which was recommended to Yuko by her GP. It probably worked or, anyway, Arata didn't have much to scratch.

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