Thursday 11 October 2007

2Y9M 1Y0M レイジータウン Lazy Town Live








We went to see

"Lazy Town Live"

at Woking Theatre. It's Arata's 3rd visit to the theatre. When we went to see "Fimbles Live",

Arata was walking up and down the stairs

in the second half. When we saw "Tweenies Live", he looked bored all the way. And this time, I can tell you that he was really concentrating on the show although he didn't show any excitement. Mats danced along, clapped his hands and surely participated in the show with other children. But Arata didn't do anything. He just sat and watching. Well, I could expect this as he never takes part in the song time at play group.

Is this his personality? I'm a bit worried. He said he enjoyed it, although he didn't look enjoying it...

It was Takara's first time to go to theatre. He watched quietly before the interval. In the second half, he started grizzly. I gave my breast and he fell asleep.

In 3 children's shows I've seen here, this is the best one. I enjoyed it a lot! One of the cast was a Japanese actress!


Anonymous said...

おぉ~、Lazy TownのLiveショーだなんて、私が行きたい~~~!!いや、明も好きなんだけど、スポルタカスのあの真っ青の目とアイスランド訛りの英語に惹かれてるのは、何と言っても私よ。元体操選手だけあって、すごい体でLazy Townのヒーローなのに、プロデュースして、脚本まで書いてしまう彼はすごいわ。Liveショーって実際、本人が出てたの??>

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