Wednesday 26 March 2008

3Y2M 1Y5M 乗ってくださーい Get on, please!




Takara and Arata have started to play together. Their favourite time is after they get dressed with pyjamas at bed time. There are no toys in the bedroom and that makes them enjoy playing together. They jump on our bed, they are told off but don't care much, and giggle a lot. They look so happy.

Of course, they fight a lot, too. Arata's favourite phrases are "Arata will eat all" or "Arata will do a lot" or "I won't let Oli use!" and no wonder they often end up with pushing or pulling, often wrestling! I usually leave them because I don't want to keep shouting all day!

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Anonymous said...

アラタ!! とてもお兄ちゃんらしくなってきたね!>