Friday 21 March 2008

3Y2M 1Y5M ハッピーイースター Happy Easter!







Good Friday. When Takara and I got up, hot cross buns were baked and ready to eat by Jason and Arata who got up early. Arata did Easter egg hunting in our sitting room (although it's still Good Friday), then we had our usual Easter breakfast, hot cross buns with chocolate. Jason's hot cross buns have been getting better every year.

(Actually they were baked by Nana last year!)

Yesterday, when Thoma and Yuko left, Arata said, "Happy Easter!" and when Yuko's Panda, a Fiat car, was moving away, Arata went, "Happy Easter, Pandaaaaa!" He didn't forget about Panda!

Arata made some sweets at nursery, a nest with small eggs, and 2 Easter cards with his signature! The oval shaped card was made by Takara.

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