Friday 7 March 2008

3Y2M 1Y5M 本当のホリデー? Some more holiday





I've uploaded photos from our Malta holiday.

What I've wanted to do for a long time is doing 'nothing'. When I was in Maldives a couple of years ago, I went there alone. At the beach, I opened a book and found reading requires my brain working. I stopped reading then, and, for the rest of my stay. I was really wound down. I've been looking forward to having the same experience since but when will it be?? It's of course impossible with 2 small kids!

I still have some annual leave left from work and that's why I'm off work this week. When Artatakara go to nursery, I have my own quiet time. I went to see a film, I haven't done it for more than 3 years, then I went to a nail salon and have my eye lash permed!

They all sound relaxing but in fact I'm not feeling well since the last night in Malta. I don't feel throwing up any more but my stomach is bloating and gassy. I have occasional abdominal pain, diarrhoea and I lost appetite.... Did I get a food poisoning in Malta? Or it's really from stress?


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