Monday 22 September 2008

3Y8M 1Y11M 明日出発します Leaving tomorrow




My last day at work was on 12th. At my final speech, I didn't cry. Lots of my colleagues expected me to cry.

On Sunday, my Japanese friends in Woking gathered for lunch, then went to a pub. Today, I saw Josie and Vera at a cafe. We cuddled to say good-bye. Akhtar came round and we cuddled. Our cleaner, Sofie and I cuddled. Adiba came to see us again, and when we cuddled and I saw her car off, we both had our eyes full of tears. In the end, Yuko, my best friend in Woking, came round. We cried when she left.

At about 3 AM, I finished packing and started to feel sad. Well, probably, I was too busy before and I haven't had time to feel my sadness. This is my last night at this flat, we lived here for over 3 years. We are leaving the U.K. tomorrow. Am I going to cry?

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