Tuesday 2 December 2008

3Y11M 2Y1M 退屈 Feeling bored

プラウティクスウエットマーケット(Pulau Tikus Wet market)の帰りにいつもアラタが寄りたがる、ソヤビーンの屋台。ソヤビーン(豆乳)にシロップを入れた飲み物がRM 0.80 (13ペンス、25円)。豆花なども売っている。


そこで、ボランティアの仕事について話を聞きに、Women's Centre for Changeへ行ってみた。トレーニングを受ければ電話やメールのちょっとした相談に乗れるようになるらしいが、まずは事務作業とか、児童虐待についての啓蒙に学校を訪れて行くお手伝いをしたりという仕事がありそう。週一ぐらいのペースかな。

Arata always wants to stop at this stall to have some soya bean milk. It's on the way to Pulau Tikus wet market. They sell soya bean drinks, tofa (Tofu sweet) etc. This drink costs only 0.80 RM (12P or 25yen).

Arata's kindergarten is now in the 3rd week and Takara is in his second week at Taksa Lin. In the first week without boys, I really appreciated and enjoyed the time without them but I've started to feel bored this week.

On Monday, I've decided to drop in the Women's Centre for change to ask for some volunteer work. With some training, we could also do simple telephone or e-mail counselling. But to start with, I can probably help their office. I am thinking about going there on morning a week.

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