Monday 22 December 2008

3Y11M 2Y2M 「しまじろうに渡す!」 I want to give it to Shimajiro




We went to Shimashima town again, the 3rd time since Arata was born. This time for the first time, Arata didn't get scared.

Arata is subscribing Japanese a monthly magazine and in it, Shimajiro is the main character. In December issue, there is a theme to write a letter to Shimajiro. It's supposed to be sent back to the publisher but Arata wanted to take and give it to Shimajiro in person.

I explained the situation quietly to Shimajiro and he received the letter and we all took a photo. Arata was happy but he saw Shimajiro returned the letter to me. So I told Arata Shimajiro asked me to post it instead. I don't want to disappoint Arata and he doesn't need to know Shimajiro is not real.

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