Sunday 21 December 2008

3Y11M 2Y2M 名前が言えるね Can say my name


クリスマスパーティーでは、「What's your name?」と聞かれて、アラタは英語のイントネーションで「あらぁた」、タカラは日本語発音で「おりば」(OliverなのでVとLがあるが、それを日本語っぽくRとBでORIBAAと)と元気に答えていた。

It's been not as cold as we expected and we've been quite active since we arrived.

We went to Yoko's Children English class's Christmas Party. During the party, she asked Aratakara, "What's your name?" Arata replied "Arata" with a good English intonation. Takara said, "Oribaa" in Japanese English! (L and V are difficult for us to say properly, and Takara says his name as I pronounce it in Japanese way!)

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