Saturday 17 January 2009

4Y0M 2Y3M ペナンヒル Penang hill


帰国翌日にケーブルカーでペナンヒルへ。少し涼しく、海からの風も上がってきていて心地よくベンチに座ったまま昼寝してしまった。子供たちはその間、プレイグラウンドで遊んでいたが、ここのプレイグラウンドは木陰もあってなかなかいい。ケーブルカーは往復で大人RM4、子供RM2 (80P or 120 yen)。

We are back in Penang. Last Sunday, we went up to Penang hill with cable car. Up the hill, it's cooler with breeze from the sea. Aratakara were playing in the playground while I was having a nap on a bench sitting (like a typical Japanese commuter.)! This playground is one of the best so far as there are trees and some shade. Cable car fare - RM 4 for adults and RM 2 for children over 3 years old for return. (= 80P or 120 yen)

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