Sunday 15 February 2009

4Y1M 2Y4M ハップキーの チキンライス Chicken rice at Hup Kee


私のお気に入りはフラット裏のハップキー (Hup Kee) コーヒーショップの海南チキンライス。一人ランチやテイクアウエイを家族で食べることもあるので週2、3回はお世話になっている。一人前MR 2.5 (JPY80 or 50P)。お店で食べるとチキンスープもつくし、ここのチリは最高。一人前では足らないこともしばしば。

In Malaysia places hawkers gather are called 'Coffee shop." The owner usually runs the drink hawker there and controls the place. My favourite hawker is this Chicken Rice place. It's located in Hup Kee Coffee shop just behind our flat.

I love chicken rice here very much and I always go there if I have no lunch appointments. We also do take-away from them or go there for weekend lunch. On average, I eat there 2 to 3 times a week! It's RM 2.5 (JPY80 or 50P) and if you eat inside, a bowl of soup is also served.

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