Thursday 12 February 2009

4Y1M 2Y4M 習い事 Attending classes




インストラクターはNiloferで場所はLet's Dance Studio。今日はChudi bhi zid pe aaye haiという音楽に合わせて踊った。

In this photo, Takara is climbing a frame saying, "I'm like a monkey".

I started to attend a Malay class last Friday. I've wanted to learn Malay and Hokkien and I got to know one of the IWA members teach Malay at home. I decided to start it with a couple of other members. It's 8 lesson course and we learn basic Malay. As the grammar itself seems to be easy, it will be a matter of my memory. How much vocabulary can I learn by heart??

I've also started to attend Bollywood dance class. I've always wanted to learn since I saw a full feature Indian film when I was still in Ealing, London. Usually all of sudden, actors and actresses start to dance in the middle of the film. It's quite fun to watch them and if I can follow some of their steps, it must be more fun!

The class is at Let's Dance Studio and our instructor is Nilofer. We danced along this song today - "Chudi bhi zid pe aaye hai" You know I dance with very young Malaysian girls!

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